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Recreational Insurance 


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What Is Recreational Insurance?

Going on a road trip is exciting until something happens to your vehicle. Whether you’re in an RV, camper, or motorhome, your travel vehicle is prone to more risk than an average car. Recreational insurance covers two major areas: Liability Coverage and Property Coverage. Both ensure that when you travel, your vehicle is protected whether you are driving or not.

Recreational Insurance Keeps the Fun Going

If you and your family enjoy taking trips, especially to the wilderness, having recreational insurance is one of the best things you can do. Even if something goes wrong, you can rest easy knowing you won’t be facing any major financial losses. By being insured, you can avoid worry and focus on what matters most: having fun!

What It Covers

  • Liability Insurance
    - Covers Cost of Environmental Cleanup After Accident
  • Property Coverage
    - Financial Compensation For: Physical Damage, Vandalism, Theft, and Collision  Reimbursement of Personal Belongings 

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