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Independent Agent Philosophy

Socially there is sometimes a stigma about insurance companies and how they will mistreat their customers. While there may be some truth to that perception, there are also a lot of variables that go into those situations as to why a negative situation occurred. Insurance shouldn’t be a scary or irritating topic. With a good understanding of your policy and true transparency of the product you’re buying, the experience should be nothing short of peace of mind.

Insurance companies that operate solely thru the Independent agent model carry a way about them that seem to be less problematic, primarily due to the relationships built between the customer and their agent. When the customer and the agent work together to market the consumers coverage they stand together to purchase a product designed by the agent formed with the chosen Insurance Company. In other scenarios and business models captive agents have only one company to represent, which in return can create somewhat of a conflict on where the agents best interest lies.

When deciding where to purchase your insurance coverage, it is best to consult multiple insurance companies. Everyone almost always has their favorite commercials of catchy phrases to steer their business, but it’s best to find an agent who has the option to quote your business with multiple insurance carriers to find the best market for your policies. We at Bradshaw Insurance have been operating under the Independent Agency model for over 50 years and continue to see the benefits for the insurance consumer to be represented by an independent agent. At the end of the day, our best interest lays with you the customer.